Welcome to the Wet Ink Project

The Wet Ink Project is a community for Purveyors of Imagination. Meaning, if you put pen to paper (figuratively and literally) and have even an ounce of creativity in your bones, then welcome! 


Are you just interested in reading the works of others, having a laugh or wanting to engage in serious conversation?



JD Kellner created the Wet Ink Project with the hopes that people who wished to share their works with the world could come together and have it be on full display. Free from judgment and free to be loved. Nobody's perfect, but no one should be afraid to express their passions.


That's what the Wet Ink Project is all about.

The Wet Ink Project is always open to contributors. If you think you have an article, story or poem you'd like to have up on the page just fill out the contact form. I'm looking forward to seeing all the creative souls that are out there. Enjoy the site and remember to never to stop being free.

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