What is a Society Without Rules? Anarchy....

The Internet isn't the wild west, but it's a wonderful place to get sued. Take a moment to read the below legal statement:


By submitting content to and through this Site, users are responsible for the following:

1. You are at least thirteen (13) years of age;

2. You are the owner of the content;

3. The content is truthful and accurate (if non-fiction, commentary or otherwise could be a reflection on real persons or entities);

4. The content will not cause injury to any person, animal or entity;

5. The content does not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, proprietary rights or privacy rights;

6. The content does not violate local, state or federal laws, rules or regulations;

7. The content would not be reasonably be considered defamatory, libelous, hateful, racially or religiously biased or offensive or harassing another party;

8. You were not paid to submit the content;

9. The content does not contain computer viruses, worms or other potentially damaging programs or files.

By submitting content to and through this Site or by utilizing this Site, the User acknowledges and understands the following:

  1. Any and all work either in completed or draft form belongs to the user. The Wet Ink Project shall not now or in perpetuity unless permission and authorization is granted to the Wet Ink Project by the user, to claim any work as its own;

  2. The Wet Ink Project maintains the right to remove content if it is deemed to have violated any of the above-listed content rules;

  3. By posting content to this site you or using this site you are agreeing to not hold the Wet Ink Project or its owner/operator liable for any and all acts of a legal nature due to content posted by a user

  4. Users understand that by creating a profile that he or she is responsible for the activity that occurs on his or her user profile(s) including, but not limited to: disclosure of personal information, password information, content in violation of this Legal Statement or as otherwise may be deemed detrimental to the Wet Ink Project;

  5. Users understand that the Wet Ink Project and it’s the owner(s) or operator(s) is not liable for user use of other websites which may be accessed via the Site.

  6. By submitting content to and through this Site, users acknowledge and understand that the purpose of this site is for entertainment. Any content posted is not intended nor will ever be intended as advice or guidance pertaining to any subject matter presented by the Wet Ink Project or its user(s) as content. 

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