Thinking About Becoming a Purveyor? Great!

Have you ever wanted to share your creative side but were too afraid of what others might think?

There’s a place where your work can be shared by YOU on YOUR terms.

The Wet Ink Project is looking for Purveyors of Imagination. People dedicated to their craft who want to show the world what they’ve got but are afraid of judgment. Listen I absolutely can relate to the nerves you face when putting yourself out there. It took me a long time to move past my fear of posting my stories for everyone to read, but once I did, my creative juices never stopped flowing. Confidence is key and the Wet Ink Project supports you in no matter what you do.


For me, writing has become my passion!

As a Purveyor, you can contribute what you what, when you want. Almost everything is fair game. Short stories, poems, graphic design, painting or even music (there a few exceptions found in the legal statement portion of the site) The best part is no matter what you post, it will ALWAYS belong to you for you to do with whatever you please. The Wet Ink Project will NEVER claim ownership of your work.

The Wet Ink Project is a community for everyone but for a community to thrive it needs members. Consider taking the leap and getting that proverbial low self-esteem monkey off your back!


Thank you for taking the time to visit the Wet Ink Project and I look forward to the exciting things you’ll bring to our world!


JD Kellner

Owner and Purveyor

The Wet Ink Project

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